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Can I buy a Purbanchal Uni (PU) academic transcript?

Purbanchal University transcript
PU transcript


Can you find a fake Purbanchal Uni transcript? How to buy your Purbanchal Uni transcript online? Nepal Uni student academic transcript. Purbanchal University School of Engineering & Technology (PUSET), formerly known as Science & Technology Campus, was established in 2056 BS in Biratnagar. It was established as a constituent campus of Purbanchal University and is the only one of its kind in the Eastern Region, imparting full-fledged information technology-based curriculum for undergraduate and graduate students. It was the pioneer campus to start BCA (Bachelor of Computer Application), a three-year full-time multidisciplinary undergraduate program in the year 2056 BS. It is the first campus to introduce BIT (Bachelor of Information Technology), a four-year full-time multidisciplinary undergraduate program. The student of the campus passing BCA gets the best placement in the country and abroad in the prestigious corporate houses and other organizations. They are also involved in pursuing higher degrees in national and international universities. The first batch of the MCA (Master of Computer Applications), the two-year program was launched in the year 2060 BS as the pioneer program of the nation. Get a PU score sheet, fake PU academic record.

Buy fake Nepal diploma and PU official transcript. launched BE a (Bachelor of Engineering in Computer Engineering), a four-year program in the year 2060 BS. The campus decided to follow the standard norms of Nepal Engineering Council. PUSET is near Biratnagar Airport. The campus is spread in 2×2 bighas of land covered with partial garden and playground. PUSET further launched BE Electronic & Communication at its premises in 2061 BS. PUSET College has produced some best IT experts and software developers. Notable people include Laxmi Khatiwata, CFO of Simplify 360, which company works for fortune 100 companies of USA and other parts of world. Some notable graduates are working in Facebook, Google, Alexa, Wipro, etc. include Khagendra Barel, Shuban Singh Karki, etc. PUSET campus, although being a government campus, delivers best knowledge in computer, IT and electronics and communication.

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