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You know how to buy a Preston Uni official transcript?

Preston Uni academic record
Preston Uni academic record


Preston Uni transcript fake, where can I make the fake Preston Uni transcript? Phony Preston Uni official transcript. Preston University states that it was established in 1984 and that its first United States campus was established in 1994. As of 1998, the school was based in Cheyenne, Wyoming, and operated additional campuses in Africa and Asia, including four campuses in Karachi and two in other parts of Pakistan. At that time there were 30 full-time faculty and 30 part-time instructors working in Cheyenne, but most of Preston’s revenue came from the campuses in Pakistan. In 2001, The Chronicle of Higher Education reported that it had randomly selected two of Preston University’s listed faculty members and inquired about their relationship with the university. They both said that they were not associated with Preston University and did not know that they were on the school’s faculty list. A Preston official acknowledged that only 15 out of 49 listed faculty actually worked for the university. Haenisch explained that over half of the faculty on their list had applied for jobs at Preston but had never actually been employed. They were listed in case a student was interested in the discipline the professor specialized in. Haenisch admitted that the practice was misleading and would be discontinued.

How about make a false Preston academic record? In August 2008, The Straits Times reported that Preston University was a degree mill from which some leading businessmen in Singapore held PhD degrees. The Straits Times’ assertions about Preston were strongly disputed by Jerry Haenisch, Preston’s chancellor, who confirmed that the university had no accreditation from any US Department of Education approved body but said that the school was “absolutely not” a “degree mill”. Haenisch said that careless inclusion of Preston University in the sensational reporting about degree mills is inexcusable and demanded that the newspaper apologize for publishing articles based on superficial research and for repeating erroneous assumptions and untrue innuendo from other writers. He said that the university was “legally licensed and authorized to operate by the state of Alabama”. Finally, he took issue with The Straits Times’ statement that the move from Wyoming to Alabama was a sign of disrepute. He said the move was made because Alabama is more populated than Wyoming and has much greater support resources. He also pointed out that the US Department of Education and the Council for Higher Education Accreditation both state the voluntary nature of accreditation in the country, and caution that a school’s accreditation status should not be the sole criterion for assessing its quality or validity. The Straits Times responded, “The Straits Times … made it clear that it was not about to apologies to Preston University for telling its readers the truth about its credentials – or rather, its lack of. Said Editor Han Fook Kwang: ‘We stand by our story and am satisfied that our journalist was accurate in her reporting of Preston University.

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