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How to Get a fake Canada VISA fast?

fake Canada VISA
fake Canada VISA

How to Get a fake Canada VISA fast? How much does it cost to order a Canadian VISA online? How long does it take to buy a fake Canada VISA online? Where can I buy fake Canadian VISA? Fake Canada VISA for sale. Canadian visa refers to the procedures required by foreign citizens to enter Canada. Visa (Visa) is a kind of permit issued by a government agency in accordance with the laws of the country for foreigners who apply for entry, exit or passage through the country.

fake Canada VISA

Canada study permit visa
1. Complete the “study permit application form” (IMM 1294). If the applicant’s spouse and / or children travel together, they are also required to complete their application information using the correct application form.
2. Please fill in the “family member form and education and employment details form” completed by the applicant in Chinese, English or French. The parents of the applicant shall complete the “family form and education and employment information form” respectively.
3. The applicant shall submit two identical color or black-and-white photos taken in the last six months with a pure white or light background. The frame size of the photo is 35mm x 45mm. The person’s name and date of birth (day / month / year) are indicated in pinyin on the back of each photo.
4. I have a valid passport. The passport must contain at least one blank page except the last page and be valid for at least six months.
5. Copy of the applicant’s ID card (front and back).
6. Two adhesive stickers with the applicant’s current address (no envelope required).
7. A copy of the medical examination form provided by the designated medical examiner (if the medical examination has been completed).
8. The original and one copy of the admission notice of the Canadian school, indicating the exact amount of tuition fees to be paid by the applicant, the expected start and end time of study and the latest registrable time of the applicant.
9. The study plan mentioned in the study permit guide.10. If the application is handled by others, the agent information form (IMM 5476e) shall also be filled in.
11. The original of my account book.
12. Notarized copies of all previous university or college degrees and transcripts of current courses. If you haven’t graduated yet, you need to indicate the expected date of graduation and what degree, degree or certificate you will obtain.
13. Notarized copy of senior high school graduation certificate and notarized copy of transcript stamped with the official seal of senior high school.
14. Notarized certificate of no criminal record.
15. Evidence reflecting the accumulated history of funds for at least 12 months. Including the original deposit certificate of funds available in the last two months; Original certificate of deposit and / or original passbook; Written description of the source of funds. If there are relevant documents of other forms of assets, they can also be provided.16. The income and employment certificate of the applicant’s parents and the original tax payment form issued by the local tax authority for the last 12 months.
17. If one or both parents own or partially own a company, a notarized copy of the business registration certificate, recent tax payment documents, financial audit statements and capital verification reports of the company in the previous financial year shall be submitted.
18. If the applicant is employed, submit the original employment certificate, including the full name, address and telephone number of the employer: the applicant’s length of employment, position, income in the last two years, whether there is any bonus and additional income.
19. If the applicant receives a grant from a Canadian school or other organization, the original document detailing the grant the applicant will receive for each year of the expected study period shall be submitted.
20. If you want to study in some provinces of Canada, you need guardianship statement and other materials. For details, please refer to the relevant website

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