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Order British Columbia driver’s license online, buy fake BC driver’s lincense

fake BC driver's lincense
fake BC driver’s lincense
fake BC driver's lincense
fake BC driver’s lincense

How much does it cost to buy a British Columbia driver’s license? Where can I buy fake BC driver’s license? How to get BC driver’s license? Fake BC driver’s license for sale.

Which province. I take my BC province as an example:
Ordinary driver’s licenses are divided into three types, class 5 (official driver’s license), class 7 (almost equivalent to a probationary driver’s license) and 7L (practice driver’s license that has just passed the theory test). Other types of driver’s licenses are different types of commercial driver’s licenses or motorcycle driver’s licenses , I guess it’s not what the subject needs.

If you are 17 years old according to the normal process, you can take the theory test and go directly to icbc (BC Provincial Vehicle Insurance Bureau, the department in charge of driver’s licenses and monopolizes the province’s vehicle insurance services). But since the age of majority in bc province is 19 years old, so Under the age of 19. The signed consent of a parent or guardian in Canada is required.

Fake BC driver’s lincense

If you pass the theory test and get a 7L license, you can drive on the road at this time. But you cannot drive alone. You need to sit next to a person who holds a Class 5 driver’s license and is over 25 years old. The maximum number of people is three, including you and the supervisor. When driving, you must put a sticker with the letter L on the back of the car. And you must not be on the road between 12 o’clock and 5 o’clock in the evening.

After taking 7L for one year, you can take the road test. After passing the road test, you can take a 7. After you get a class 7 driver’s license, you can drive alone, but you need to put an N car sticker on the back of the car. Only two people can sit in the car (except for immediate family members, who can sit full), or a 25-year-old with a Class 5 license supervises and guides you, or you can fill the entire car. After taking Level 7 for two years, take the road test again, and you will get the official Level 5 driver’s license, and there are no restrictions.
Therefore, if the BC province comes according to the normal process, a driver’s license will take three years.

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