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The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) bachelor diploma

CUHK diploma
CUHK diploma


Buy CUHK diploma, make a fake CUHK diploma, great CUHK diplomas. Following the Communist revolution and the breakdown in relations between China and the United States at the 1950 outbreak of the Korean War, all Christian colleges and universities in the People’s Republic of China were shut down. Chung Chi College was founded in 1951 by Protestant churches in Hong Kong to continue the theological education of mainland churches and schools. The 63 students of its first-year operating were taught in various church and rented premises on Hong Kong Island. The college moved to its present location in Ma Liu Shui (i.e., the present CUHK campus) in 1956. By 1962, a year before the founding of CUHK, Chung Chi had 531 students in 10 departments taught by a full-time faculty of 40, excluding tutors.

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CUHK postgraduate degrees fake, duplicate your CUHK bachelor’s diploma. These three colleges (along with some others created during this era) helped fill a void in the post-secondary education options available to Hong Kong Chinese students. Before 1949, such students could attend a university in the mainland. But with this option spoiled by the upheavals in China, students were unable to further their studies at a university unless their English proficiency was sufficient to enroll at the University of Hong Kong, then the only university in the territory. In 1957, New Asia College, Chung Chi College, and United College came together to establish the Chinese Colleges Joint Council. In 1949, the population of Hong Kong skyrocketed, resulting in a surge in demand for Chinese-taught education, which put a heavy pressure on Hong Kong’s higher education; on the other hand, it also brought a large number of outstanding mainland scholars and educators to Hong Kong. Under the circumstances of scarce resources, they have opened many “refugee schools” to teach courses at post-secondary level, and to help the southern and local youths to continue their studies. The three member colleges of Chinese University (New Asia College, Chung Chi College, and United College) were conceived during this period. CUHK degrees and transcript, how about buying a CUHK degree certificate. 

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