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URJC Licenciada diploma, Universidad Rey Juan Carlos cert

URJC diploma
URJC diploma


Can we start the URJC fake diploma? I need a URJC fake diploma online, making URJC fake diploma and transcript. In recent years, the institution has been implicated in various cases of corruption, some of which have involved people from Spanish political life: At the beginning of 2017, the then rector Fernando Suárez Bilbao was accused of having plagiarized his doctoral thesis, and was forced to resign.9​10​11​12​13​ In 2018, it was reported to the press that the master’s degree of the president of the Community of Madrid, Cristina Cifuentes, had various irregularities in its granting between 2012 and 2014, 14 for which reason it began to be investigated by the Móstoles Prosecutor’s Office .15​16​17​ In 2018, a police union denounced the institution for issuing and granting Degrees in Criminology to 200 police officers after paying 3,000 euros each during the years 2014 and 2015.18​19​20​ In April 2018, and as a ramification of the Cifuentes case, suspicions began to appear about the irregular obtaining and favorable treatment of Pablo Casado in the master’s degree in Autonomous and Local Law by the URJC in 2008 (identical to the one that gave rise to the imputation of former Madrid president Cristina Cifuentes),2122 which Pablo Casado took and passed without ever attending face-to-face classes or taking any exam,23 as he himself publicly admitted.24 On August 6, 2018, investigating judge Carmen Rodríguez- Medel found criminal evidence in the investigation of Casado’s master’s degree, concluding that the title was given to him “as a perks” and requested in a reasoned statement addressed to the Supreme Court his imputation for alleged crimes of administrative prevarication and improper bribery.2526 In June 2018, the Social Council of the university rejected the approval of the institution’s accounts for the year 2017.

How many people to order a fake URJC degree? URJC licenciada maker. However, the corporate body refused to reveal the reasons for this decision, although it was leaked to the press that it had concepts that were not well justified.27 In September 2018, the Minister of Health, Carmen Monton, was accused of obtaining a master’s degree irregularly while she was a deputy and Spokesperson for Equality of the Socialist Party. Specifically, she enrolled four months after the academic year began, she did not attend classes for half of the subjects and the date of the degree issued by the university does not match the one that appears in her file. URJC licenciada Espana.

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