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University of Moratuwa, SRI LANKA bachelor’s diploma

Uni of Moratuwa diploma
Uni of Moratuwa diploma


Fake University of Moratuwa diploma, buying University of Moratuwa diploma. The University of Moratuwa is an independent state university in Katedra, Moratuwa, Sri Lanka overlooking Balguda Lake. It was established as the University of Moratuwa (UoM), Sri Lanka on 22 December 1978 under the Universities Act No. 16 of 1978 and operates under the general direction of the University Grants Commission. Its origin can be traced to the Government Technical College (GTC) which was established in Maradona, Colombo in 1893. The GTC was one of the first institutions for formal technical education in Sri Lanka (the Ceylon Medical School was established in 1870, followed by Colombo Law College (1875), School of Agriculture (1884) and the Government Technical College (1893)). It became the pioneering institution for science education in Sri Lanka and its name was changed to the Ceylon Technical College (CTC) in 1906. The CTC provided technical education in civil, electrical and mechanical engineering fields even before the establishment of the University College Colombo, affiliated to the University of London, in 1921.Would you want to make a University of Moratuwa degree? Duplicate the University of Moratuwa master’s degree.

The Ceylon Technical College, Katedra was established in 1966 offering the Diploma in Technology, it gained University status, as the Katedra Campus of the single University of Ceylon, on 15 February 1972. The Department of Architecture, then at Colombo, was transferred to Katedra in the formation of this new campus. The Katedra Campus thus began with one faculty, that of Engineering and Architecture. The first president was Dr. LH Sumana Dasa who steered the progress of the institution and was the principal of the IPT before it became the Katedra Campus. When Ceylon became a Republic on 22 May 1972, the corporate name of the university was changed to the University of Sri Lanka. In 1978 it gained the Independent University Status under Universities Act No. 16 of 1978. False University of Moratuwa grade sheet, buying false University of Moratuwa degrees.

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