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St. George’s University School of Medicine Doctor diploma

St. George's University degree
St. George’s University diploma


I need a fake St. George’s University diploma, buy St. George’s University diploma, St. George’s University Undergraduate diploma. St. George’s University was founded on July 23, 1976, by an act of Grenada’s Parliament, which was then effectively controlled by Prime Minister Eric M. Gairy. The school was named for the capital city of Grenada, but it was the brainchild of Charles R. Modica, a 29-year-old lawyer and education entrepreneur. Modica envisioned creating a for-profit medical school in the English-speaking Caribbean that would cater to academically qualified American students who failed to gain admission to medical schools in the United States. Besides Modica, the other three original founders of the school were also from Long Island: Louis J. Modica, Charles’ father and a successful real estate developer; Edward McGowan, also a land developer; and Patrick F. Adams, a business lawyer. The university’s corporate structure is currently held within Medforth Global Healthcare Education, which also operates the Rocky Vista University College of Osteopathic Medicine in Parker, Colorado and in Ivins, Utah. Classes at St. George’s School of Medicine began on January 17, 1977, with 125 students and six part-faculty. Almost all of the founding faculty members had been educated either in the United States or Europe. By the early 1979, the school had expanded to 23 full-time faculty and about 600 island-resident students.

St. George’s University bachelor’s degree and transcript, template of the St. George’s University Ph.D. degree. On March 13, 1979, a Marxist-inspired revolutionary party forcibly overturned Gairy’s rule. Despite the school’s association with the ousted Gairy regime, it survived and prospered under the new prime minister, Maurice Bishop, because it generated significant income for the government and people of Grenada. The school amicably co-existed with the revolutionary regime until Bishop also became embroiled in a domestic leadership challenge four years later.

Duplicate the St. George’s U degree certificate, St. George’s U academic transcript. On October 19, 1983, Bishop and seven of his closest supporters were executed by Army soldiers loyal to an insurgent element in Bishop’s own party. To quell any mass protests, the island’s military declared martial law and placed the entire island under a 24-hour, shoot-on-sight curfew. The repression raised fears in the Eastern Caribbean that Grenada’s turmoil would destabilize democracy and law and order in the entire region. In Washington, the Reagan Administration feared for the safety of 1,000 US citizens on the island (including students, faculty, families, etc.). The U.S. government, urged on by allies in the English-speaking Caribbean, launched Operation Urgent Fury on Oct. 25, 1983. The surprise invasion was an attempt to secure the safety of American nationals on the island, but also sought to restore Westminster-style democracy and evict the Soviet-Cuban presence in Grenada. The operation was supposed to have been essentially over in a day, but the invading multi-national forces ran into stiffer than expected resistance from the Grenada’s People’s Revolutionary Army and militarized Cuban workers on the island. On D-Day, the principal independent information coming out of the island was from a ham radio operated by a St. George’s student. Can I buy a fake St. George’s University School of Medicine degree now? What is your opinion to buy a St. George’s University School of Medicine diploma?

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