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How do I buy a lost Penn Foster High School diploma?

Penn Foster High School diploma
Penn Foster High School diploma

Buy Penn Foster High School diploma online, how to buy a fake Penn Foster High School diploma? Buy fake diploma, buy fake degree, buy fake certificate. Penn Foster High School is an open enrollment institution. As an online school, students do not work directly with certified teachers. Instead, they complete their courses in a format similar to correspondence schools. To earn a high school diploma, students take one core course and five electives. Students can use these electives to focus on specific industries, such as health care, information technology or construction technology, or they can take approved college-level courses. Students and graduates can access Penn Foster Career Services, which helps students find jobs through resume and cover letter preparation, job search assistance, and interview techniques. According to the Pennsylvania Department of Education, Foster High School in Pennsylvania has 11.5 Ftes (full-time equivalent teachers) and approximately 13,000 students.

Where to buy Penn Foster High School fake diploma?

Buy fake Penn Foster High School diploma. After several name changes in the 1990s, ICS changed its name to Penn Foster High School, Penn Foster Career School, and Penn Foster College in 2006. In 2007, private equity firm Wicks Group bought the school from Thomson. In 2009, Penn Foster was sold to The Princeton Review, a test preparation and education support company. In 2012, the private equity firm Charlesbank Capital Partners acquired the Princeton Review brand name and business for $33 million. The parent company was renamed Education Holdings 1, Inc. In 2013, Education Holdings 1 filed for bankruptcy; It pulled out two months later. In 2014, the Vistria Group, led by Martin Nesbitt, acquired Penn Foster. Bain Capital acquired Penn Foster from Vistria Group in 2018

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