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How to Copy IUBH Official Transcript in Germany?

IUBH Transcript
IUBH Transcript


Why not make a fake IUBH Transcript? Get a IUBH official Transcript. IU Internationale Hochschule, formerly the International University of Applied Sciences Bad Honnef/Bonn (IFH), first entered in the winter semester 2000/2001 with a total of 23 students. The university underwent a ten-year institutional accreditation followed by a five-year reaccreditation in 2021. In 2010, it became a member of the German Rectors’ Conference. How much does it cost to buy IU Internationale Hochschule Transcript? Buy fake IU Internationale Hochschule diploma, buy fake IU Internationale Hochschule degree.

In mid-2013, IU merged with another private university, the Adam Ries University of Applied Sciences in Erfurt, expanding its services to include a dual model. In March 2016, it merged with the International University of Business and Logistics (HIWL) in Bremen and has since started offering dual degree programmed at this location. In October 2017, it was renamed IUBH International University of Applied Sciences. In March 2021, IU International University of Applied Sciences changed its name again. In 2019, the University Registrar’s Office moved to Erfurt. The university initially started its operations in the “Feuerschlößchen”, the former home of Wilhelm Girardet, north of the center of Bad Honnef. In 2000, it moved to the former site of the historic bishop’s court in the district of Bad Honnef-Beuel, which had previously been used by a business school. The listed building complex was expanded in 2005 to include two dormitories and a canteen. In February 2007, a new administration building with a library, seminar rooms and offices was inaugurated. In July 2009, the Science Council institutionally accredited the university for ten years, in 2021 re-accreditation for another five years. In 2010 she became a member of the German Rectors’ Conference. IUBH academic record fake, I need a false IUBH report card.

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