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Take a BA diploma from Howest, buy Belgium degrees

Howest diploma
Howest diploma


Is there someone get a Howest diploma? What is your opinion to make a fake Howest diploma? Howest diploma cert fake. Howest was created in 1995 from the merger of six West Flemish colleges: the Higher Pedagogical Institute (the Normal School) and the Simon Stevin Institute in Bruges, the HIEPSO and the Provincial Industrial College in Kortrijk, the Vesalius Institute in Ostend and the HISS, Hoger Institute for Social Studies, in De Haan. Roland Vermeesch, director of HIEPSO at that time, became the first general director of the university. prof. em. Jos Monballyu, then full professor at KULAK, becomes chairman of the board of directors. The university college retains its de facto structure with five departments, headed by a head of department, each with its own department council and its own DOC (departmental negotiation committee). At university level there is an umbrella board of directors. The management committee monitors the day-to-day policy. In 1999, the campus in De Haan was abandoned and the Social Work course was transferred to Ostend. In 2006 Roland Vermeesch dies completely unexpectedly. His position is temporarily filled by Lucien Bollaert, then head of the Education, Research and Services department. In 2007, Lode De Geyter, until then head of the PIH department (the former Provincial Industrial College), was appointed general manager. Jan Durnez, anno 2020 honorary member of the Flemish Parliament and honorary mayor of Ypres, will be the new chairman of the board of directors. Right from the start, Lode De Geyter is committed to a thorough renewal of the departmental structure.

Belgium Howest, de Hogeschool West-Vlaanderen BA degrees and official transcript

False Howest, de Hogeschool West-Vlaanderen BA degree, novelty Howest, de Hogeschool West-Vlaanderen MSc cert. In 2007 Applied Psychology is transferred from Ostend to Bruges. Social work and Nursing follow a year later. The campus in Ostend is being abandoned. In 2010 the departments will be abolished. From now on, Howest is divided into two units: Training Bruges and Training Kortrijk, as well as facilitating General services. The department councils and the DOCs will disappear. The Board of Directors and the Management Committee supervise the policy of the General Manager, assisted in this by the Management Committee. In 2013, the academic programs of the former Provincial Industrial College will be transferred to Ghent University, as determined by decree. In 2016, Howest received the highest possible score and congratulations for her Critical Reflection from NVAO as a result of the Institutional Review.

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