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Replica HK ID CARD, phony Hong Kong Driver’s license

Hong Kong Driver's license
Hong Kong Driver’s license


Buying Hong Kong Driver’s license, fake Hong Kong Driver’s license, make your fake Hong Kong Driver’s license. After 1 October 2000, any person who applies to take a motorcycle or motor tricycle driving test is required to apply for a probationary driving license upon passing the test. This scheme was extended to private cars and light goods vehicles in 2009. The holder of a probationary driving license needs to undergo a 12-month probationary period. The probationary period will be extended by 6 months if convicted of a minor road traffic offense, and the license will be canceled if convicted of a serious road traffic offense. A driver with a probationary license may drive on any public road under the following conditions:

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carrying a P-plate at the front and back of the vehicle?
limited to 70 km/h, even if the speed limit of the road is greater.
cannot use the right lane on a motorway with 3 lanes or more, except when exiting on the right.
cannot carry a passenger on a motorcycle.
Light goods vehicles driver are exempt from this scheme and can apply for a full license after passing the test if he/she is considered “experienced drivers”, i.e. have already held a full private car driving license for 3 years, or 2 years after converting from a probationary license, immediately before the application. A probationary license is valid for 1 year when first applied, and can be renewed by half a year if the probationary period is not yet over for a certain class of vehicle.

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