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Where can I buy a fake US VISA?

fake US VISA
fake US VISA

Where can I buy a realistic US VASA? What do I need to prepare to buy fake US VISA? Buy fake VISA, buy fake US VISA. A US visa is an endorsement by the United States on a passport or other travel document held by a national or foreign citizen to indicate that the holder is allowed to apply for entry into the United States, and can also be said to be issued to them An endorsed certificate. US visas can be divided into two categories: immigrant visas and non-immigrant visas, and each category can be divided into many subcategories.

The validity period of a U.S. visa refers to a period of time from the date of issuance of the visa to the time after which entry is allowed. After this period, the visa is invalid. Buy fake US VISA. Generally, the United States issues an entry visa valid for 3 months.

fake US VISA

If the applicant is admitted to the United States. The CBP officer will specify the length of the applicant’s stay in the United States on the entry and exit record form. After each admission to the United States, applicants should ensure that they leave the United States on or before the last day of the approved period of stay based on the specific departure date specified on the entry and exit record form. Failure to leave the United States by the specified deadline will result in the applicant losing legal status.

Most of those denied visas were unable to prove that they were sufficiently binding outside the United States to convince the visa officer that they would definitely return after a short stay in the United States. Many people think that there is a special document or a special answer that will get him a visa when he applies again in a few days or weeks. But there is no such document or answer. The applicant was denied a visa because the overall situation did not meet the conditions. Applicants should apply for a visa after the overall situation has changed significantly.

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