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How to get a fake Ontario driver’s license fast?

fake Ontario driver's license
fake Ontario driver’s license

How to get a fake Ontario driver’s license fast? How much does it cost to buy a fake Ontario driver’s license? Where can I order the available Ontario driver’s license? Fake Ontario Driver’s License for sale, fake Canada driver’s license for sale. Ontario Driver’s License Classification and classification guidelines
The driver’s license in Ontario is divided into three levels, each of which has a driver’s license. However, the test conditions and contents are successively advanced, and the three levels need to be obtained one by one in order.

G1 License

G1 Licence – Beginner’s Basic Licence

G1 licence is the basic licence for beginners and only 16 years of age is required to apply for an appointment. The exam is written and easy, and will examine Ontario’s traffic regulations, driving codes and ability to recognize different road signs. There is no need to find a coach to practice driving when preparing for the exam. You can learn about Ontario’s traffic regulations in advance or brush G1 question bank one or two days before the exam.

fake Ontario driver’s license

You are not allowed to drive on your own after obtaining G1. You must be accompanied by an experienced driver with a valid G license plate (4 years or more). Do not have any alcohol level in your blood while driving, and do not drive on highways and expressways beginning with the Ontario 400 between the hours of 12-5am.

Normally, after obtaining a G1 license, you need to wait one year before obtaining a G2 license (you can book the test in advance), but you can wait a short period of 6-8 months by passing an accredited driving school in Upper Ontario.

fake Ontario driver's license
fake Ontario driver’s license

The G1 fee will normally include the fee for the first G2 exam, but if you fail the first G2 exam, you will have to pay again for subsequent exams.

G2 License

G2 Licence – Regular Road Test Licence

The G2 exam can be booked after the 6-12 month practice period after obtaining the G1 license.

The exam steps include:

Invite a coach or skilled friend to practice driving;

Booking test time and place;

Bring G1 and the printed success booking form to the test center on the specified date! Don’t be late! It is recommended to arrive at the test room 15 minutes early.)

The G2 road test covers simple driving operations, left-right turns, lane changes, parking and parallel parking depending on the examiner’s mood & three-point turn. Once you get the G2, you can drive normally, alone, on any road and at any time, without having an alcohol level in your blood. The G, the final chapter in the driving trilogy, is available by appointment after a year.

Note: BOTH G1 and G2 are valid for 5 years. You must obtain the G license within 5 years, otherwise you will have to start from G1 again.

G License

G. – Highway test

The G or High Speed plate is the most difficult of the three levels. The main test covers motorway driving, observations and habits while driving, and the final test requires parallel parking or three-point u-turn.

With the G, you can drive on any road in Canada and use the G in exchange for a valid driver’s license in most of the country’s first and second tier cities. G cards don’t expire, they just need to be renewed every five years.

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