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Where can I buy fake German driver’s license(Deutscher Führerschein)?

fake German driver's license
Deutscher Führerschein
fake German driver's license
fake German driver’s license


Where can I buy fake German driver’s license? How much does it cost to buy a German driver’s license? Buy fake German driver’s license, buy fake Deutscher Führerschein.  Fake German driver’s license for sale, Fake Deutscher Führerschein for sale. In Germany, the categories of European driving licenses as defined in EU law apply. However, there are also national driver’s license categories that are valid only in Germany. State driver’s license categories are printed on the driver’s license in italics.

Driver’s License Class L

Mandatory speed sign for L-class tractor-trailers according to StVZO § 58 25 km/h
Possess an L-class driver’s license

Agriculture and forestry tractors are designed to reach speeds of up to 40 km/h (with trailers up to 25 km/h)
The self-propelled work machine can reach a maximum speed of 25 km/h, and the design related maximum speed
Forklifts and other industrial trucks are each designed to reach speeds of up to 25 km/h
driven. An L grade can be obtained at age 16. In addition, the L class is included in the driver’s license class B and T. Holding a Class L driver’s license only entitles you to drive vehicles suitable for agricultural and forestry purposes. If driving one of the above vehicles for other reasons (such as attending an exhibition), you must provide an approved driver’s license (B, C1 or C, if required, BE, C1E or CE, if trailering) the total weight of the vehicle. Category L Designation applies only to driver’s licenses issued after January 1, 1999. If a driver’s license issued before this date is rewritten, the L-use restriction is usually removed by entering code 174.

Driver’s License Class T
Possess a Class T driver’s license

Agriculture and forestry tractor with a top speed of 60 km/h
Self-propelled work machine or self-propelled feed mixer up to 40 km/h
driven. A T grade can be obtained at the age of 16. In addition, the T class is included in the CE class driver’s license and can also be applied for when replacing a class 3 driver’s license. Restrictions on agricultural and forestry uses (see Category L) also apply to Category T. Obtaining a Class T driver’s license includes Class AM and Class L.

Driver’s License Class S
Between February 1, 2005 and January 18, 2013, people over the age of 16 can obtain a new S-class driving licence under EU regulations. Applies to light vehicles and four-wheelers; light vehicles are vehicles similar to passenger cars, but they may weigh up to 350kg (for electric vehicles, this value does not include batteries).

For all vehicles permitted to be driven with a Class S license, the maximum speed determined by design must not exceed 45 km/h, in addition, the displacement of the gasoline engine or diesel or electric engine must not exceed 50 cubic centimeters and the engine power must not exceed 4 kW.

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