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HHU student transcript, order a HHUD academic record

HHU transcript
HHU transcript


HHU transcript, buy HHU transcript. A first attempt to set up a university in Düsseldorf failed around the middle of the 16th century under the sovereign Wilhelm V. von Jülich-Kleve-Berg in connection with the denominational disputes in the region at the time. make a HHUD transcript, HHUD student transcript. There was a law faculty for about 95 years from 1715 to 1810 in the Düsseldorf Law Academy. 250 years later, the French Emperor Napoleon Bonaparte took up the plan for a university presented to him by the Düsseldorf State Councilor Georg Arnold Jacobi. At that time, Düsseldorf was the seat of government of the Grand Duchy of Berg, a satellite state within the Confederation of the Rhine that emerged from the old Duchy of Berg. The university was to train an administrative elite to consolidate the Grand Duchy. In December 1811, following his inspection tour, Napoleon issued decrees ordering the establishment of a university with five faculties, including a theological one, in the Düsseldorf Castle, which was to be rebuilt. The new university was to be named Napoleone Augusta in honor of the emperor. The plans, which the Bergisches Staats rat Jacobi had refined and submitted to the Kaiser in Paris in 1812, failed in view of the imminent Russian campaign and the end of Napoleonic rule in 1815. In the Prussian era, it was not the capital Düsseldorf that was considered with the founding of a university, but rather 1818 the city of Bonn with the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms-Universität. replica German Uni grade sheet for sale, buy a HHUD academic results.

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By 1973, most of the humanities and natural sciences institutes were able to move into new buildings on the northern part of the campus. For the Faculty of Mathematics and Natural Sciences, this was only an interim solution. At the beginning of the winter semester 1975/76, after the completion of the second phase of construction, the faculty moved to its final building in the south of the campus, which was designed for 3800 study places. In the eastern neighborhood, the Düsseldorf Botanical Garden had already been opened a year earlier. The newly established subject of pharmacy began teaching in the winter semester of 1976/1977. Where to buy a false HHUD report card?

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