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How much does it cost to order a CPA certificate from Canada?

CPA certificate in Canada
CPA certificate

The PA Practical Experience Requirement (CPA PER) has been updated to include both the general practical experience requirement for registration as a CPA and the specific practical experience requirement for those seeking registration to practice public accounting. Candidates pursuing their public accounting designation through audit or review streams should consult billable time guidelines to determine the type of practical experience that conforms to billable time for these streams. The specific statutes and charters of provincial/territorial agencies and the specific licensing systems or powers within each provincial agency to control public accounting take precedence over these general requirements.

You can choose between two routes:

1. A pre-approval program for a training position offered by your employer that has been professionally pre-approved. These programs are designed to allow you to meet the hands-on experience requirements within 30 months. Qualified experience in audit and, if applicable, public accounting review processes can only be obtained through a pre-approved plan.
2. Empirical verification. This flexible route allows you to demonstrate competence and gain recognition for relevant experience as it is acquired with the employer of choice

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