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What are the prerequisites for purchase certificat d’immatriculation?

certificat d’immatriculation
certificat d’immatriculation

certificat d’immatriculation is the new name for the grey card. It is a document that is used as the title of the policy, that is, it identifies the vehicle it is associated with. As the name suggests, it is used to register vehicles and authorize their circulation on public roads. All motor vehicles and trailers with a gross payload (PTAC) greater than 500kg must be registered and have a grey card. Affected vehicles are:

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specific car;
trucks and utilities;
camper van;
Tractors and other agricultural machinery;
Four-wheeled vehicles, including four-wheeled vehicles;
Two-wheeled vehicles and scooters, including scooters with a cylinder capacity of less than 50 cm³;
Mopeds and tricycles.
PLEASE NOTE: A certificate does not act as a title deed, even if it was issued in your name as the owner. Since its first use in France in August 1893, after several revisions, the grey card adopted a new format and in 2009 a new SIV registration system was applied. The way it is designed is to harmonize it on a European level, which is why it contains more areas.

certificat d’immatriculation
certificat d’immatriculation

Apply for a grey card from a certificat d’immatriculation

Whether new or used, the steps required to issue a new registration certificate are often tedious. First, you have to collect some documents and then complete some online procedures.

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