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Buy fake AUB diploma online, الجامعة الأميركية في بيروت شهادة دبلوم

AUB degree
AUB degree

Buy an AUB degree, phony AUB degrees, where to buy AUB degree? Plaque at the university’s main gate On May 5, 2020, AUB’s President Faldo Khuri announced a projected 60% decline in AUB’s revenue in the next academic year and added that furloughs, layoffs, and the elimination of departments and programs will be necessary for financial survival. Initially, Khuri announced that AUB would “fire 22–25%” of its staff due to severe financial difficulties; in July, the university cut 850 jobs, including 650 staff layoffs and a further 200 employees not having their contracts renewed or taking retirement and not being replaced. Later that same year, in December, AUB adjusted the LBP-USD exchange rate at which its dollar-pegged tuition was charged, from an official rate of £L1,515 to the dollar to a £L3,900 rate used by banks for electronic transactions. This was interpreted by some as a 160% increase in tuition fees. Although the university announced significant increases in financial aid, some students protested the administration’s decision and were blocked from entering campus, eventually being teargassed by the Lebanese Internal Security Forces and riot police.
من المهم شراء دبلوم الجامعة الأمريكية في بيروت, buy an AUB bachelor’s diploma

Counterfeit AUB diplomas, buy false AUB certificate. The AUB Medical Center (AUBMC) is the private, not-for-profit teaching center of the Faculty of Medicine. AUBMC, which is accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCIA) on hospital accreditation, includes a 420-bed hospital and offers comprehensive tertiary/quaternary medical care and referral services in a wide range of specialties and medical, nursing, and paramedical training programs at the undergraduate and post-graduate levels. Throughout its history, the AUB Medical Center, which was formerly known as the American University Hospital (AUH), has played a critical role in caring for the victims of regional and local conflicts. It provided care for the sick and wounded during World War I and World War II, the Lebanese Civil War, the Palestinian conflict, and the invasion of Iraq. In recent years, it has provided care for a number of Syrian refugees at the Medical Center in Beirut, at partner hospitals, and at mobile clinics.

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