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How to buy Arden University diploma online?

Arden University diploma
Arden University diploma

Where can I buy an Arden University diploma? How much does it cost to make an Arden University diploma? Buy fake Arden University degree. Arden’s predecessor, Resource Development International (RDI), was founded in 1990 by Coventry entrepreneur John Holden. RDI initially offered distance learning programs to commercial and industrial clients and established subsidiaries in the United States, Europe, Africa and the Far East. By 2010, it had closed most of its foreign subsidiaries and expanded to include distance learning degrees accredited by several British universities. Its motto is “Learning knows no borders”. In 2011, Houghton sold RDI and its remaining subsidiaries to Capella Education of the US and went on to develop an online business school in Coventry.

Fake Arden University diploma

RDI was granted the right to confer teaching degrees in April 2014 and university status the following year. It was relaunched as Arden University in August 2015, with former RDI CEO Philip Hallam as its founding Vice Chancellor and CEO.  Arden is the first distance learning university to open in the UK since the Open University was established in 1969, and the third of three for-profit universities created under the Conservative government’s drive to promote competition in the UK university sector. The first two were law University in 2012 and BPP University in 2013.

Capella Education originally acquired RDI as part of its strategy to accelerate the company’s expansion into international markets.  Buy fake diploma, buy fake degree, buy fake Arden University diploma, buy fake Arden University degree. That strategy did not materialize, however, and Capella put Arden and its remaining subsidiaries up for sale in February 2016. Sunderland University confirmed part of RDI’s degree from Arden University, July 2016. In August of that year, Arden University itself was sold to Global University Systems (GUS), a company based in the Netherlands, for £15 million. GUS’s other UK assets include the University of Law. St Patrick’s College London and the London School of Business and Finance.

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