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Obtaining Ankara University Diploma, Fake Ankara Üniversitesi Diploma

Ankara University Diploma
Ankara University Diploma

Obtaining Ankara University Diploma, Fake Ankara Üniversitesi Diploma, Buy Fake Bachelor of Engineering Degree, Buy Fake Bachelor Degree, Ankara University, founded in 1946, was the first institute of higher education to be established in the modern Turkish Republic.

A public university with more than 60,000 students, it offers a large academic portfolio with courses in a number of scientific disciplines, including social, medical, natural and applied sciences, as well as arts and sports. It also offers associate, undergraduate, master’s and doctoral level programmes. Distance and continuing education courses are also available.

The university is situated on a main campus near the centre of Ankara, Turkey’s capital and the country’s second largest city after Istanbul. It is organised across 14 faculties, nine graduate schools and various research institutes within the city.

The campus itself offers a variety of academic and recreational facilities, as well as providing accommodation for undergraduate students. Facilities include a sports centre, a swimming pool and gymnasium, as well as a number of student societies.

Ankara has been a member of the Erasmus programme since 2004, and boasts a multitude of partnerships. Other memberships include IAU, EUA and UNICA.

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