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AIU diploma
AIU diploma


Buying an AIU diploma, create a fake AIU diploma. AIU degrees wholesale. Although it is based in the United States, AIU is not accredited by a recognized United States accreditation agency. It is accredited by the U.K. Accreditation Service for International Schools, Colleges and Universities (ASIC), but ASIC is not recognized by the United States Secretary of Education. Atlantic International University was formerly accredited by the non-recognized Accrediting Commission International. It has also been listed as a non-recognized university in other countries including Ghana, Nigeria (in relation to a branch in Ouija), and Oman. It has been characterized as a degree mill, and its degrees have been widely dismissed as “fake.” It has been prosecuted by the Office of Consumer Protection of the State of Hawaii for fraudulently claiming to be an accredited institution. In a 2002 case, the state alleged that “AIU is not now and never has been accredited by a recognized accrediting agency or association recognized by the United States Secretary of Education…AIU has failed to properly and adequately disclose in its promotional materials, specifically its agents’ advertising, the fact that it is not fully accredited by any nationally recognized accrediting agency or association listed by the United States Secretary of Education in violation of Hawaii Rev. Stat. § 446E-2(a).

AIU degree cert fake, where to buy an AIU cert fast? For the attainment of its objectives, the society proposed to carry on a campaign of education through the press and by the publication of works on the history and life of the Jews. In the beginning, however, the course of action adopted by the society for bringing relief to their oppressed brethren in other countries was to secure the intercession of friendly governments in their behalf. Thus, as early as 1867 the governments of France, Italy, Belgium, and the Netherlands made the renewal of existing treaties with Switzerland conditional upon that country’s granting full civil and political rights to the Jews. In 1878, representatives of the Alliance laid the condition of the Jews in the Balkan Peninsula before the Congress of Berlin, as a result of which the Treaty of Berlin stipulated that in Romania, Serbia, and Bulgaria no discrimination should be made against any religion in the distribution of civil rights.

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